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ECOP of Smkn2 Magelang ln The Years of 2018 /2019

Selasa, 23 April 2019 ~ Oleh Ka Normatip adaptip ~ Dilihat 501 Kali

Tuesday, 16th April 2019's the ECOP of Smkn2 Magelang for the many times. It's held in Pramban tempel. As an imformation that ECOP one of the English Program yearly. We sceduled two times in a year. Students who want to learn more about English than in the classroom might join this club! The English Club of Smkn2 Magelang usually lead by the English teacher. All English teachers have participate. The leader chosen regular by turns. In this ocation the leader's Mrs. Setyo. She's conducting the ECOP helping by her collagues (English teachers, Munaswil leader&crew, and two office adm.staff). ECOP this time given theme "MOP". Stand for Millenials Oasis Preststation. This means the millenials who want to dreadfully and seriously to reach prestation find the way by learning English more and more.

The yell-yell of English Club.

English Club!

Talk more.. do more... Yes! 

Uploading  by the leader of ECOP 2019.